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Update time : 2021-02-22 11:24:18
We have been using envelopes for a long time, and at first it was mainly the packaging between letters. A way of transferring information between people.

Very few envelopes are currently produced, because our communication methods have changed after technological advances, and fewer people use envelopes.

However, as an ancient communication method, the envelope cannot be replaced.

In modern society, as people pursue environmental protection, we will begin to use envelope-style packaging in different fields, such as using envelope bags to store clothes when shopping for easy carrying. There are more New Year red envelopes, full of sense of ceremony.

With the development of various industries, envelope bags have their own creativity. More applications are used in the packaging of clothing. Many businesses use the shape of clothes to express innovatively on envelopes, which attracts attention and increases the chance of exposure.

Therefore, the envelope bag has not been abandoned.