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How to choose cheap and personalized coffee packaging?

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Author : YaPack
Update time : 2021-04-17 16:09:56
Because in the packaging industry, most plastic composite bags are suitable for gravure printing technology. This makes the number of bags required to be relatively large. In order to reduce costs, many suppliers have a MOQ order quantity of 1 roll of film, which is about 300kg. According to different bag sizes, one roll of film can produce about 30,000 bags. about. Reduce the waste of raw materials.
In another process. it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to change the molds for printing patterns each time. If the mold is changed multiple times each time the bag is made, this will lead to an increase in labor costs.

So if we only need a few bags with printed LOGO, what should we do?

We can choose the common size bags on the market, and then print our printed patterns into stickers and stick them on the bags.
As long as we have passed our reasonable design, the product packaging can also be made very high-end.
In this way, the cost has been reduced, which is also in line with our small test market demand.

There is another way to adjust our design LOGO to a single color. Contact me, I can make a small amount of customized printed bags for you.