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Wide Use Of Food Packaging Kraft Zipper Bags

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Update time : 2020-06-08 16:41:30


The plastic industry has always been indispensable, but because of the prosperous plastic industry, it has caused serious environmental pollution problems, especially the too many plastic bags are made to order and used too much, which has caused fearful "white pollution. Therefore, since 2008, relevant departments have gradually regulated the market for the production of plastic bags and regulated the safety production standards for plastic bags, thereby reducing the pressure on the environment. Therefore, when custom-made plastic bags, the manufacturers of regular production of plastic bags are the first choice.

1. Material safety Formally produced plastic bags are produced by category, and these plastic bag manufacturers have business qualifications. Although the materials used are also polyethylene and polypropylene, they will clearly distinguish the two. Unlike some non-standard manufacturers, polypropylene bags are used to produce food bags when producing plastic bags. It should be known that although the price of polypropylene is a bit lower, it cannot be put into the food field and can only be used for daily production and packaging.

2. Production specifications There are certain processes for customizing plastic bags, and regular production and processing manufacturers produce plastic bags in a standardized manner. In this process, the plastic bags contain less harmful substances, so they can be more at ease and safer when used.

3. Safety is guaranteed The regular plastic bag manufacturers will classify and manufacture when producing. For example, if it is custom-made for food plastic bags, it will meet the corresponding safety standards for food plastic bags, and will not be refilled inferiorly or in a false way. This is very important in food plastic bags. After all, many plastic bags are not directly in contact with food, especially food with heat.

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