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​​​​​​​Coffee packaging

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Update time : 2020-10-30 14:38:55

YaPack Packaging offers you a variety of shapes and sizes for coffee packaging bags, and the common denominator between them lies in the high quality and ability to preserve coffee beans from external factors.

 At YaPack Packaging we offer you the possibility to choose between։ Pre-made bags and customized bags with printing of your trademark (logo) or the design of your products.

We put at your disposal a distinguished team of graphic designers to accompany you in the event that you do not have a design or you have an old design and want to change it.

The coffee sector is one of our main concerns; Therefore, we have improved the quality of the plastic bags and paper bags that we produce in order to maintain the quality of the coffee beans that will be packed.

Coffee packaging bags are made of several materials. There are plastic bags, straight or standing paper bags, and side-folded packaging bags. The company also provides its customers with the possibility of adding a transparent window to the packaging bag so that consumers can view the packed product. We also offer the ability to add a zip so that the bags are easily opened and closed when needed.

The plastic bags that we specially manufacture for packaging coffee are the result of our long experience in the world of packaging and canning

All plastic bags and paper bags for coffee beans contain a valve that expels gases from inside the bag so that the coffee maintains its distinctive flavor from the influence of gases and external factors. Also, each coffee bag contains an inner laminating layer that maintains the quality of the beans from moisture and other factors that can spoil their quality.
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